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The world of chocolate is very wonderful. There are many different ways to make different sweets with chocolate, cakes, candies, pound cakes, swiss rolls, foams. The world of food is so full of surprises that even sauces use chocolate in addition to meat dishes.

My favorites are candies. The birth story of these candies began with my sincere interest in cooking, and my specialty is cooking. At different restaurants I mainly specialize in preparing party tables, meat and hot foods, sauces. Didn’t know before that I also have a talent for making candy. My first major exposure to sweet making was while working on Tallink’s cruise ship, where I had the opportunity to develop myself under the guidance of professional chefs.

At the beginning I made some candy at home just to surprise my husband who is a big chocolate lover. It turned out that my first attempts were quite delicious, then I started to mix different flavors and doing it with great passion and interest. Handmade candy is like a big game in a wonderful world, recipes are made through experimentation. That’s why handmade candy makers have secret recipes and each one has their own handwriting.

So I too have my own different candies and ten different options. The different chocolates that I make the candy are high quality, and the cocoa in which I roll the truffles is also very special. The candies are made from selectively dark, milk and white chocolate from South African farmers, cocoa beans being grown in Madagascar. The different fillings are all my own recipe. Some candies are made using alcohol, which is steamed and gives only hint of flavor. No essences have been used. Because the high quality of the raw materials and the exclusivity of hand made candies they are not cheap. At the same time the packaging of the candies is very important

That’s right, the customer can choose what kind of candy they prefer. Because of this at least four days’ notice is needed so the candies can be made. I am located in the beautiful Mäksa Manor Park near Tartu. I deliver orders around Tartu for free of charge.

I wish you a delightful taste experience!

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